S&S Cycle Engine Control Manager for the Indian FTR1200

S&S Cycle Engine Control Manager for the Indian FTR1200

The Indian FTR1200 is one of the favorite new machines, inspired by their Flat Track race bikes and checking all the horsepower, technology and handling boxes this segment demands.

The latest for the FTR line is a technology move and allows the base model FTR1200 to enjoy the additional modes that were only available in the S model.

The S&S Engine Control Manager is a handlebar mounted switch that communicates with the bike's ECM and unlocks the Rain and Sport modes that were previously unavailable on the base model.

Simple installation and an easy to access switch allows for quick mode changes and transforms the bike in a single click.

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I have a 2007 Softail I am thinking on converting it over to chain I see your you guys have can you do a different gear ratio I want more on the low end thank you I’d really appreciate it

Steven Hornof

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